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Everyone is constantly on the go, you probably know when you're feeling stressed.  But have you ever wondered where stress comes from?  When we are stressed physically or emotionally, the body suddenly shifts priority and all energy resources to fighting off any and all threats real or perceived. This ‘fight or flight’ response is driven by our automatic nervous system. We don’t have to think about this, the switch goes on from zero to full instantly. This happens by the brain sending signals to the adrenal glands to release adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones get the body instantly ready to fight or turn and run away like crazy. I describe this like throwing a match on the logs that have been soaked in gasoline. As soon as the lit match hits the logs – boom instant full fire. Boom – instant increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, increased glucose to the muscles AND shut down of the digestion and elimination parts of our body.

"Stress is  such  an  amazing teacher:  What  you  chose  to do  about  your  stress  shows whether  you  are  truly powerful  or  powerless."  Dr Evan Mladenoff

Can you reduce the cortisol response to stress right now? Yes. This is the precise impact that the short range strategies will provide for you. These reliable, safe and healthy strategies will impact your symptoms by stopping the downward spiral of your health and your stress system. The first action step is supplementing your body with iStressedOut, a phosphatidylserine product formulated to modulate your cortisol response to stress.
There are over 3,000 published research studies that have confirmed that phosphatidylserine can rejuvenate your brain cell membranes, strengthen your memory, increase vigilance and attention, boost learning, increase mental acuity, intensify your concentration, relieve depression and improve your mood, inhibit exercise and stress induced increases in cortisol, AND decrease stress whether you are young or old. 


The nutrient that counteracts the negative effects of stress. promotes healthy brain and nervous system function.    Supplement Facts: Serving size 1 tablet, Servings per container 90. Ingredients:  Phospholipids from soy (Phosphatidyl Serine and Phosphatidyl Choline161mg. DMAE Bitartrate 25mg. . . . . .. . . . . . . Other Ingredients: Xylitol,Natural mixed berry flavor, Natural masking flavor, Magnesium Stearate, Silica. Contains Soy. Recommended Usage: chew 1 tablet 3 times a day.  If you are pregnant or nursing, seek the advice of a health care professional before using this product

From the dedicated athlete who works out every day, to the occasional sports participant, to the enthusiastic homeowner engaged in spring cleaning, we all expose our bodies to regular or intermittent muscle stress and strain. We are constantly subjecting our muscles to stresses sufficient enough to cause microscopic tears or strain on soft tissue, resulting in inflammation and soreness. These normal physical pressures are temporary, but in the meantime, there can be several days of discomfort and limited movement.

CereNAC - For more than 3 decades, a safe, low-cost compound has provided millions of people relief from coughing, wheezing, and thick phlegm associated with cold and flu.  The major impact of NAC(N-Acetyl Cysteine) is on the immune system, liver protection, detoxification, and cardiovascular health.  We all need its anti-inflammatory protection.

I-6Factor is designed to work with the body’s  own mechanisms to resolve occasional inflammation due to stress and strain on muscle tissue. It contains an exclusive combination of proteolytic enzymes, botanicals and select vitamins and minerals designed to naturally support the body’s own processes that function to return tissue to it normal state after a minor injury.

A Final Note....

Staying stress free and healthy is a conscious choice we can all make to be more aware of what we put into our bodies, how our bodies react, what we speak to ourselves, who we hang out with and what our major stresses are.

What is it that makes life effortless, gives us joy, that makes us healthy and stress free?
A life ravaged by all of the unseen stressors below the surface are waiting to tear apart the foundation of your body. It will start with a small, slow leak and eventually the damage will increase and seemingly unrelated symptoms will plague your daily life.
True stress reduction and modulation is a learned process and the key is inside of you. The way to find it is to have determination and the will to invest your time, energy and resources into yourself. You are worth it! Make each moment a conscious joyful choice, each mouthful of food a nourishing one, each word you say to yourself an inspiration and each day a grateful one.


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